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Varieties Of Masterbatch
May 11, 2017

The main composition of filling Masterbatch:

(1) Fillers: such as calcium carbonate.(2) Coupling agent: such as carbonic acid ester silane etc;(3) Dispersant: such as polyethylene wax and hard ester acid salts; (4) carrier resins;

Moisture absorption and defoaming masterbatch:

(1) The Hygroscopic Masterbatch is composed of metal oxides (2) resins, (3) Auxiliaries;

Flame Retardant Masterbatch:

(1) flame retardant; (2) resin; (3) Composition of auxiliaries;

Conductive Masterbatch: long copper fibers and resins, coated, cut-grained;

Foaming Masterbatch:

(1) Composite foaming agent; (2) lubricants; (3) dispersant; (4) coloring agent composition;

UV-Resistant Masterbatch:

(1) Two kinds of composite anti-UV agents; (2) carriers; (3) dispersant; (4) Auxiliaries made;

Weathering Masterbatch:

(1) Light stabilizer; (2) resin; (3) Composition of auxiliaries.

Color Masterbatch:

(1) Pigments: organic pigments, such as green phthalocyanine, inorganic pigments such as iron oxide red, titanium dioxide, etc. dyes such as restoration pink, disperse orange and so on. (2) Dispersing agent (3) carrier resin: