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The Advantages Of Color Masterbatch
May 11, 2017

Pigment dispersion

The Masterbatch is the aggregate of the extraordinary amount of pigments attached to the resins.

Color Masterbatch in the process of production should be refined pigments to improve the dispersion and tinting strength of pigments. Special color Masterbatch carriers and products of the same plastic varieties, has a good match, heated melting pigment after the material can be well dispersed in the plastic products.

Chemical stability

Directly using pigments, because of the storage and use of the pigment in the process of direct contact with the air, pigment will occur water absorption, oxidation and other phenomena, and do the fineness of the mother, because of the resin carrier pigment and air, moisture isolation, can make the quality of the pigment long-term unchanged.

Color stability

Color Masterbatch and resin particles similar to the measurement more convenient and accurate, mixing will not adhere to the container, mixing with the resin is more evenly, so that the stability of the added quantity can guarantee the stability of the product color.

Personnel Health

Pigments are generally powdery, added and mixed with easy to fly, when inhaled by the body will affect the health of operators. Keep the environment clean, non-stained vessels

Save Raw materials

Because pigments in the storage and use of direct contact with the air, so that there will be a tide of suction, oxidation, the formation of the phenomenon, direct use will appear in the plastic products surface color spots, hue hair dark, color prone to fade, and in mixing to cause dust Fei yang, affecting the health of operators. And Masterbatch in the process of production through mechanical processing, the pigment is refined, the pigment and resin carrier, dispersing agent is fully mixed, so that pigments and air, moisture isolation, thereby enhancing the pigment's weatherability, improve pigment dispersion and coloring force, hue brightness. Since the Masterbatch is similar to the shape of the resin particles, it is more convenient and accurate in metering, mixing does not adhere to the container, thus saving the cleaning containers and machine time and the raw materials used by the clearing machine.