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Specification Of Masterbatch
May 11, 2017

The Masterbatch is a granular solid consisting of a 0.1~3mm. 0.1mm (100 μ m) powder consisting of particles; 1~10 μ m for fine powder; 0.1~1 μ m for ultrafine powders; "3mm" particles are broken solid blocks. The smaller the particle size, the more dense the mixture. But the smaller the size of the same solid particles, the more easily absorbed between the particle and the knot, such a group, in a mixture with another solid particles will not open, in the plastic melt also difficult to disperse.

Particle size Distribution: the particle size distribution is more dense than the diameter distribution narrow. Because the small diameter can enter the gap between the large particles, but the two kinds of particle size of the different powder mixture, it is difficult to mix evenly.