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Processing Method Of Masterbatch
May 11, 2017

Traditional plastic Masterbatch processing method According to the route can be divided into two roller open-refining, dense-refining method, extrusion method Three, commonly used equipment has two rollers, single screw extruder, twin-screw extruder, mixer and other mixing equipment. The use of this method has the existence of auxiliary masterbatch in the carrier resin scattered uneven, auxiliary and carrier resin cross section of the poor bonding, the production process complex and other shortcomings.

In view of the above-mentioned shortcomings, the development of many new processing technology, the new Masterbatch processing technology has (1) the choice and processing technology of the carrier resin; (2) Polymer package technology; (3) liquid phase blending method; (4) melting phase blending method; (5) Molecular self-assembly.