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Material Compositions Of Flame Retardant Masterbatch
May 11, 2017

With the advancement of Science and technology, the improvement of living standards, polymer materials in particular synthetic polymer: such as plastics, rubber and so on in people's life is more and more important, the application of the trend of increasing year. But most organic macromolecule materials have the flammable characteristics of different degrees in the air, and in order to realize their application in military, aerospace, transportation, electric power and civil industry, the flame retardant modification becomes a new topic. At present, the ideal method for the modification of plastic flame retardant is often by adding flame retardant or flame retardant masterbatch to improve the fireproof performance of plastics.

Flame Retardant Masterbatch (bromine/halogen) also known as flame retardant Masterbatch is one of the most excellent flame retardant products in plastics and rubber resins today, flame retardant Masterbatch (Masterbatch) is a kind of granular products made by mixing, extruding and granulation of the flame retardant, the organic combination, modification treatment and synergistic effect on the basis of a variety of flame-retardant ingredients, through double screw or triple screw extruder. Unlike flame retardants, flame retardant Masterbatch has easy to add in the resin, clean and hygienic, high flame retardant efficiency, small addition, the effect of the resin mechanical properties of small, after adding the layering, pattern, precipitation and other undesirable phenomena, save manpower, material cost and time and many other advantages. Generally speaking, flame retardant masterbatch in the resin dispersion, fluidity, and resin compatibility and thermal stability and weathering performance is much better than the common flame retardant, in addition to the proper formula of flame-retardant masterbatch its efficiency and effectiveness (cost-effective) is also far better than the ordinary flame retardant. Therefore, the flame retardant Masterbatch has become one of the best choice for fire retardant plastic products, and become an effective substitute for the flame retardant powder.