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Characteristics Of Flame Retardant Masterbatch
May 11, 2017

1. Easy to use: the Flame retardant Masterbatch (masterbatch) is mostly flaky or strip-sized pellets, precisely with the size of the general plastic particles, improve their mutual tolerance, making it easier to disperse and add and hygiene and reduce the volatile waste.

2. Good compatibility with resins: In general, the flame retardant Masterbatch (Masterbatch) has been specially treated to improve its compatibility with the plastic resin, so that the amount of the resin in the addition of even larger when it is not easy to produce layered, frost, pattern and so on.

3. Reduce costs, improve product added value: often through the use of flame retardant Masterbatch (Masterbatch) to make general plastics have or close to the application of engineering plastics requirements, improve the value-added products, reduce the cost of raw materials.