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Basic Definition Of Masterbatch
May 11, 2017

Master (English name Masterbatches) full name of Plastic Masterbatch, the alias Masterbatch is the development of in the 1980 of the 20th century stood up a plastic processing auxiliary, it is composed of excessive chemical additives, carrier resins and dispersant. Masterbatch is the aggregate of the extraordinary amount of pigments (dyes) to be attached to the resins. Masterbatch refers to the process of plastic processing, in order to operate on the convenience, will need a variety of auxiliaries, fillers and a small number of carrier resin mixing first, through the extruder and other equipment metering, mixing, melting, extrusion, cutting, such as the processing of granular materials, called Masterbatch. The Masterbatch consists of a carrier resin, a variety of fillers and a variety of auxiliaries. The limit of additives in masterbatch or the content of filler is more than more than 10 times times more than the actual plastic products. In the molding process, the proportion of masterbatch and matrix resins must be adjusted according to the content of the components in the Masterbatch and the amount needed to be added in the actual products. Masterbatch usually can be divided into ordinary filling Masterbatch (hereinafter referred to as the fill Masterbatch) and functional masterbatch, such as color masterbatch, spray-resistant masterbatch, and so on.

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