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The role of black masterbatch in plastic products
May 11, 2017

The main role of Black masterbatch is to paint plastic products, dyed plastic products made of black. In plastic products, black Masterbatch has two major effects, so that the pigment color more evenly and maintain the chemical stability of the pigment.

One, black masterbatch makes the pigment distribution in the product even more evenly. Products in the production of a dedicated color masterbatch, pigments can be refined processing, thereby improving the pigment in the distribution of uniformity in the product. The good match between the special color Masterbatch and the products, after heated melting, the color particles can disperse evenly to all parts of the product.

Second, black Masterbatch can effectively maintain the chemical stability of the pigment. Pigments in the storage and direct use of the process, the inevitable will contact the air, in this case, pigments appear to absorb water, oxidation and other phenomena will inevitably occur. But if it is a color masterbatch, there is a resin component of its carrier, in the use, storage will be good pigments with the air and will be isolated, thus ensuring that the pigment in long-term storage quality unchanged.