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The influence of black Masterbatch in the application of plastic products
May 11, 2017

Black Masterbatch and plastic products have good compatibility, so the black Masterbatch can be retained in the long-term products, to play its due effectiveness. However, if the black Masterbatch exceeds its compatibility range, the plastic products will have a negative impact. For example, a large amount of filler will cause the system viscosity to rise, the molding process is difficult, the mechanical properties are decreased; The mechanical properties of the materials can be decreased obviously when the dosage of flame retardant is more. The addition of liquid additives can cause the heat resistance of the material, and the transparency of the most additives can be decreased substantially or completely loses transparency.

The use of black masterbatch in plastic products should also be noted that some auxiliaries have dual or multiple effects, such as carbon black is not only a colouring agent, but also a light shielding and anti-oxidation; plasticizers not only soften the products, but also reduce the temperature, improve melt fluidity, some of the combustion role; some metal soap stabilizer is a lubricant. For these additives, in the formulations should be considered, the provision of dosage or simplified formulations.