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Common phenomena caused by color masterbatch in injection molding
May 11, 2017

The common phenomena occurring in injection molding production by color Masterbatch:

A, the color is not all causes: high temperature, molding cycle length and resin compatibility is not good.

Treatment: Reduce the temperature of the cylinder, the use of good compatibility carriers.

B, Gloss bad cause: the nozzle outside temperature is low, molding cycle is long, color masterbatch in the titanium dioxide, color masterbatch pigment dispersion is poor.

Treatment: Increase nozzle temperature, shorten the molding cycle. Reduce the pigment in masterbatch, improve the dispersion of pigments in masterbatch.

Color Masterbatch, also known as color, is a kind of extraordinary amount of pigments or dyes to be attached to the resin and made of the aggregate.