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Basic definition of Antibacterial masterbatch
May 11, 2017

Antibacterial Masterbatch: A variety of antibacterial agents are evenly dispersed in the matrix resin as a concentrated body, that is, antibacterial masterbatch. With a quantitative antibacterial masterbatch and the corresponding resin particles mixing, according to the plastic, fiber processing molding method, can be made with antibacterial action (sterilization and antibacterial) of the surface of plastic parts, products and antibacterial fibers.

Properties: Nano antibacterial, sterilization, mildew, deodorant, self-cleaning technology. So that all kinds of products in the production process add one points of nano materials (such as nano-silver, nano-zinc oxide, nano-copper oxide, nano-titanium dioxide) can achieve this product antibacterial, sterilization, mildew, deodorant, self-cleaning additional features.

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